Headlines Speak Volumes

As many of you know, I teach LinkedIn to job seekers, as well as, business owners. When you are in job search mode, you are promoting a business of one – you.  In the same vein as a business owner, you need to share the features and benefits of you to a potential employer.

Your headlines speak volumes about what you can do to solve that business owners problems. There are a couple of features in your profile that help you show up higher in search results and your headline is one of them. How many recruiters do you know that actively search for the key word “actively seeking” or “Still searching for work”?  If you include the word “professional” when you are looking for a job, does that mean that you aren’t professional when you have a job?

While I was at a former employer, I wrote about a “purple squirrel”.  That term has been given to that elusive job seeker who possesses 13 out of 11 sought after characteristics. This means that person will be incredibly difficult to find. If the characteristics for which someone is searching aren’t in your headline, summary, or skills and expertise, that recruiter or business owner might never find you.

A typical search by the average LinkedIn user includes one, possibly two keywords. If you don’t incorporate those specific keywords in your headline, summary, job descriptions, and have them high on your list of skills and expertise, you may never be found.

One way to overcome that challenge is to incorporate the top keywords with which you wish to be found into your headline.  The best way to do that is to list in your headline the skills in your profile for which you have the received the most endorsements.  headline

Once you have them in your headline, make it easy to read by separating them with a vertical line.  You can find the vertical line on a regular keyboard by using the “shift” key and the backslash key that is above the “enter” key.vertical line

Now when someone sees your profile, they just know the skills you possess, and hopefully you will be able to solve their problems and get that new job!


LinkedIn Company Pages

  1. Do you have a website?
  2. Do you have an email address at that domain name?
  3. Do you have a company LinkedIn page?

How many of you are 3 for 3?

I still run into people who have been doing business very successfully without a website.  Many of them are hyper-local and do most of their business by word-of mouth.  But if you have ever watched Eric Qualman’s Social Media Video?  Your growth depends upon “World-of-Mouth”.

When you have a website, you validate your authenticity.  By taking it one step further and having a company LinkedIn page, you increase your authenticity, but you increase the likelihood of showing up higher in search results.LInkedIn company profiles

The first step in creating a company page on LinkedIn is that you MUST have a company email to set-up the company LinkedIn page. You cannot use gmail, yahoo, hotmail or (heaven forbid) aol. If you want to get started right away you can link here – http://marketing.linkedin.com/company-pages/

If you want to take advantage of all of the bells and whistles, you will need some graphics to optimize the profile to the fullest and the time to create a listing of your products and services. This gives you in-bound links that also help drive up your website’s SEO.

Last but not least, if you are creating a company profile, you will want followers.  To keep them interested, you will more than likely need to post some interesting information about your company or industry. Get a twofer by sharing your company update to your personal connections! Need to know more about that? Check this post.

Does all of this sound overwhelming?  Give me a call.

Keep an Eye on Your Competition

Gone are the days of just having a “secret shopper” go to the competitors store to find out pricing. New tactics are required. After reading this article in Entrepreneur by a former CIA Officer onspying How to Get Ahead of Your Competition, I thought about how you could “spy” on your competition through social media.

There are four aspects about social media that help you build or protect your business.  Let’s review:

  • Build Your Brand with Social Media – Using social media allows you to have your logo, ideals and business practices in multiple locations, hopefully, in the right places where your customers are looking for you. Make sure that you are sharing the same message everywhere you are.
  • Build Relationships – as you are developing your clientele you are also building a rapport between you and them.  Learning more about what they want or need.  Social media can help you stay in touch with them and carry on conversations.
  • Level the Playing Field – every business has access to the same networks and tools available on the variety of social media platforms.  It is how well you use them and the available features as to how much better of an opponent you will be.
  • Monitor Competitors – you can “keep an eye on your competition” by following their movements on the various platforms in which they participate. Have they offered a coupon, a pop-up sale, a new white paper? Do they have a newsletter, a blog, a photo journal? Can you modify or improve upon their idea to help your business?  Are you using more platforms than they are, but your engagement is lower?

What have you discovered when you were “spying” on your competition?


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One of my Favorite Things

If the song from the Sound of Music – Favorite Things

could be rewritten to my thinking social media and LinkedIn would be included as one of the items in the list. LinkedIn is one of my favorite social media tools. Whenever I see an article on LinkedIn, I take a peek.  Often the titles are the X number of tools or things you don’t know about LinkedIn.

I have found that there seem to be two types of users:

  1. The person that collects connections and updates their resume
  2. The person who participates in groups, answers questions and shares status updates.
The more often you participate in LinkedIn by sharing via groups, status updates or showing

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your expertise when answering questions, the more frequently your name appears in your connections updates stream.

This article about announcements raises some good points about direct communication to group members, but unsolicited emails could cause frustration, which we do not want to do when trying to generate leads.

Remember that by participating regularly, your connections will see your name and will be reminded each time they do of what you do or where you work.  As much as we would like things to be simple, they aren’t always easy.  Networking face-to-face and building relationships is often the way to increasing the on-line relationships that you have established.

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